12 truths goans needs to know

The true history of ancient Goa is still not presented to the goans. Varrious made up stories are constantly distributed in media.

Both political and religious leaders in Goa are victims of a made up version of history.

The true history of ancient Goa is hidden from the public. For many reasons. Ancient documents were destroyed or have gone missing.  There is also an regrettable unwillingness in the government to do archeological excavations, that will prove a non-Portuguese narrative to history.

Even in the post-Colonial area of Goa, the former servants of Portuguese masters still obstruct the search for truth.

This is a list of 12 truths goans needs to know:

Truth #1: The Portuguese did not bring Christianity
Truth #2: Francis Xavier called for the Inquisition
Truth #3: Jews and Christians were martyred by Catholics in Old Goa
Truth #4: Albuquerque wanted to kill Jews
Truth #5: São João feast deeply rooted in antisemitism
Truth # 6: Old Goa was reduced to rubble
Truth # 7: Inquisition monument neglected
Truth #8: The decay of Gopakapattana
Truth #9: The Gracias commission of 1959
Truth #10: Crucifix of the inquisition still in use
Truth #11: The daily use of the Inquisition bell

Truth #12:  If you search for the truth, you shall find it.

There is a need for a complete revision of the history of Goa.

Books have been written about the Inquisition of Goa, and the damage done to the pre-Portuguese goan society and culture. Horrible crimes were committed by the colonial power in a bid to make all citizens objects of Roman Catholicism.  But the worst crime against the people of Goa was the destruction of Konkani art and literature. In 1548 the Portuguese destroyed all Konkani works, and robbed a civilized culture of its symbols, artifacts, and whatever existing chronicles.  If justice prevails, the act of murder will normally lead to life long imprisonment. But the vile men who ordered the destruction of the ancient records of Konkani, killed all goan’s future ability to trace their origins. It was a imperial cultural genocide completed.goa12

Because of the acts of these violent Portuguese, anyone who desire to restore the true history of the Konkani speaking people face an uphill task. Today, there are a lot of different opinions, and multiple views on what took place in the past.  To get back the true picture, you have to manage a huge puzzle. You must correctly analyze circumstantial evidence and narrative to history presented by scholars from dozens of academic institutions.

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