Truth #2: Francis Xavier called for the Inquisition

The Inquisition in Goa was called for, by the Spanish Jesuit Missionary Francis Xavier. In his letter to the King of Portugal, Xavier, calls for an Inquisitional tribunal to persecute those who “followed the law of Moses”.

The Catholic bishop and his priest still worship the corpse of the spaniard who brought terror to Goa.

Letter from Cochin, 20th of January 1548 A.D, to the King of Portugal.

” By another route, I have written to your highness of the great need there is in India for preachers….The second necessity which obtain in India, is those who live there are to be good Christians, is that your highness should institute the Holy Inquisition, for there are so many who live according to the Law of Moses or the sect of Muhammad without the fear of God or shame before men”. 10

10. A History of Christianity in India: The Beginnings to AD 1707, By Stephen Neill. p. 160.

The war on Biblical faith, and the martyrs of “Rua dos Judeus” in Old Goa

The Portuguese Inquisition (Portuguese: Inquisição Portuguesa) was formally established in Portugal in 1536 at the request of its king, John III.


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