Truth #4: Albuquerque wanted to kill Jews

In 1513 A.D, Admiral Alfonso de Albuquerque requested the King of Portugal for permission to kill Jews in the Indian ocean. He burnt Muslims in Goa alive inside their mosques.albu4

In a letter to his King, Albuquerque exhibited the cold-blooded nature of his character.

In the letter of 15th of December 1513, he brought to His Majestys notice the fact that there was at that time a large influx into India of Portuguese and Castillian Jews, and inquired whether “I May be permitted to exterminate them one by one as I come across them”.

The Portuguese in India, Frederick Charles Danvers, Vol 1. Page 287.

In the latest OPED in O’Herald,  December 8th, 2015, pages 8, Teotonio R de Souza portray Albuquerque as a present day facist.  albu3

“He wrote to his king, that no Muslim residing in Goa was allowed to escape. Nearly six thousand were put to sword, and crowds of men and women who took shelters in mosques, were burnt alive”….“No recent act of terrorism has yet reached that level of cruelty”.

A statue of Alfonso de Albuquerque in Old Goa.

Like Hitler and the Nazis, Albuquerque started to breed a new race in Goa, by forcing Muslim widows to marry Portuguese men.  In Nazi-German, these cildren were called Lebensbarn “In Goa, the native elites heartily resented the arrogance of the mesticos, and treated them as “niggers”.

(end of OPED).

It is nothing but a disgrace, that statues of Alfonso de Albuquerque is still found in public places in Goa, to be adored by locals and tourists.


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